Many Good Things Had Happened!

I planned not to publish this part of my stories in my blog but something made me change my mind. I did say that there were a lot of surprises happened on my birthday. Four days before my birthday, I got a post pack from my friend, whom I would never expect to send me a present. Inside, there was a cd of Piano selection played by him. The day before my birthday, I got a wishing e-card from my parents, they hadn’t never given me a card until this year. That’s because normally we would talk in family, we would make merit at temple . I still got a birthday wish from my old friend we did that to each other every year. I got sentiments from my ex-colleagues. I got a joyful feeling from a stranger. I had my cake. And, my boyfriend still keeps a record of giving a birthday present to me every year since we’re in relationship. Now, I’m waiting for his parcel to arrive. It’s from him and my lovely, generous ex-colleaugue.
I know a lot of good things are coming along the path that I’m taking. Even though while I’m writing this blog, they haven’t stopped yet. I’m learning that how my new friends here, they care about me.

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