Sinking in Millions Information

Today we have a tremendous amount of information over the Internet. Perhaps it is too much. Do we need to consume all of it? No, we don’t have time for that. Then, what should we digest and what shouldn’t? That depends on what our purposes are. Life doesn’t stop bulling us. We also have an enormous number of interests in our biological sphere. Well, perhaps a way out is to work with our inquisition. We really need to limit it to time available to us or we’ll end up with upset ourselves with never having enough time.
Back to what I intend to write here, which information will value our time? If we’re in a hurry how about we focus on something that can benefit us in a short period such as a short term goal. For example, assignment that we have to finish in a month or a course that we’re taking at the moment. When we have something to do with, concentrate on it until it’s done. Don’t look for a second source, if you do you will always find a tempting one and it will continuously distract you till you completely leave what you should do for it.
Now, you can get back to your assignment, report, leisure, (make your list short,) too.

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