Are You One Of Perfectionists

It seems someone is thinking he/she is one of perfectionists and there are many reasons for him/her to believe that.
However, perfectionism can be a quality that encourages a person to try his/her best and to make the effort to excel and surpass. People learn perfectionist tendencies from their parents, from their peers, from relationship, and from the society in which they live. And perfectionism is often a quality of highly successful people. But some people take it too far, and there is a price to pay for pursuing the insurmountable summit of perfection.
We should have a touch of perfectionism so that we always try our best. People who don’t suffer from it, they know there are certain limitations that need to be accepted, no matter the circumstances. Accomplishment and doing things well can feel good, as long as you don’t make happiness and fulfillment contingent upon them. 
Reference: Psychology Today

2 responses to “Are You One Of Perfectionists”

  1. palm says :

    are there any samples of perfectionist\’s failure? i mean i just wanna know how things go after his/her ironically high resolution\’s collapsed… – -\’\’ sorry if this question\’s disturbing you.. just curious about the issue these days..

  2. Nattawan says :

    Hi Palm
    Of course there are. But before moving to that, if someone is facing such problem it means he/she has negative attitudes about perfectionism and that leads to unhealty life.
    Apparent results of having unreachable goals (high resolutions) is suffering of chronic failure and that leads to the depletion of productivity, effectiveness, and at worst self-esteem. But this is not the end of the results. This behavioral development is horribly loopy. After perfectionists fail many times, they change their goals but this time they also change their attitudes towards means to achieve goals. They start to look into themselves and think perhaps it\’s because of them, so this time they try harder. Then, the entire cycle starts again.
    For people with healty mind, they will know where to fix it. It could be their goals that too high, or themselves that worked too less. But, they will find a way to fix it; otherwise, they need helps.
    But that is just part of results. Deep perfectionists are even worse. They develop high expectations from other\’s work. When it becomes lower than the expectations, when perfectionists begin to reveal their thoughts, then serious criticism and strong demand on the other\’s work begins. And that can block development of interpersonal skill.

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