Unexpected Life

The day after Valentine’s Day, I could still feel sweetness and romance. I knew I shouldn’t have been wonder instead I should have enjoyed every bliss that this season brought. Yes I really did enjoy it. But it is truth of life that we should make joy out of the moment, appreciate when it comes along, and let it go. Life is changing every day and much of it happens in unexpected ways.
Today, I heard from my friend that her dad passed away last month. I felt sorry for her. She was thriving in her international career but it happened in a short time. She needed to move back to her home country, spent time with her mom, found a new job, and lived another life. I believe this is not what she is dreaming of but when it does happen we couldn’t refuse but accept it.
I also thought about what happened to me last week. I was in a proposal presentation seminar. I was thinking if I should leave the room. I hesitated to exit the room for many times till I left it in the end and I came across a professor of the course I took last period. He recognized me and now we’re writing a paper for a conference together. To me, a conference sounds most unfamiliar but what I’m doing is to grab a chance and give it a try.

2 responses to “Unexpected Life”

  1. Poonsiri says :

    Yes ka… It is not what I want to do… 🙂 Finally, family comes first…  and I think if I think about this point, I should be happy… ~ Happy Chinese new year ~ 

  2. Nattawan says :

    I was surprised ka. I didn\’t expect you read my blog. Totally agree with you, we should be happy and enjoy for a little surprises that life brings to us 🙂

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