Grandpa Yen (ปู่เย็น)

These pictures were sent to me today. His biography was broadcasted on a TV program several years ago. It was a very inspirational, touching and melancholy story that we can imagine how much hardship that life can defy us. His story became a talk of the town over night. For the reason of that, you can find it by yourself.




Don’t sell at high price, then everyone can buy. I sell inexpensively, so you just take it as much as you think it’s enough to full yourself.

I can have food for free but I’m unwilling to. I feel ashamed. That food are for selling, they have to serve, they have to wash dish.

Eat when I have, not eat when I don’t have. I beg no-one. People who starve to death is hardly found unless they are healthy.

Life and bridge are alike. Both have up and down, high and low, and death in the end.

Take shell as an example, no hand, no foot, it makes a living on it own. We are humans, have two hands and two feet. If we fail on making a living, that is a shame.

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