[Frasier] Beloved Infidel

Sometimes when it comes to you, you handle it completely differently from what you tell others do. You can’t imagine, can you? I’ll give you one (actually, I’d rather give it to myself.)
Frasier: Dad.  Why didn’t you tell me the truth?
Martin: I did.
Frasier: Marion Lawler came by today.  She wanted to apologize for the
         other night.  While she was here, she… she told me what really
What Martin told him was he had an affair, but actually it was his mom who had an affair.
Frasier: Well dad, I appreciate what you did, but ah, I still think you
         should have told me.
Martin: Listen.  When Frederick grows up, will you tell him what Lilith
         did to you?
If you might not know, Frederick is Frasier’s son and Lilith is his ex-wife who once cheated on him.


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