[Frasier] The Crucible

Martin: For God’s sake, Frasier,
         you’re forty-one years old.  It’s time you learned something: 
         the system ain’t perfect.  Sometimes the bad guy wins.  And
         all those things you thought would be around to help you,
         the courts and the police department?  Well, sometimes
         they’re just not there when you need them.  So you can either
         let it eat a hole in your stomach, or you can just file it
         away under the heading, "Sometimes Life Sucks." 
  Niles: I know, I know!  What the gallery owner did to you was wrong,
         it was humiliating.  But if you throw that brick through that
         window, you will have lost something more valuable than your
         money.  You will have lost… your mind.  Frasier, you can’t
         do this!
"If you act like a barbarian, you will become a barbarian."


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