My Collecting Trivial Data of Frasier

Frasier’s theory behind his selected, stylish furniture in his place is if you have got really fine pieces of furniture, it doesn’t matter they match, they will go together.
— From the Good Son.



2 responses to “My Collecting Trivial Data of Frasier”

  1. Nattawan says :

    He\’s not a morning person. He has a complicated morning routine. Here it is, he has to ease into his day slowly; first he has his coffee – sans eggshells or anything else one tends to pick out of the garbage; then he has a low-fat, high-fiber breakfast; finally he sits down and reads a crisp, new newspaper; if he\’s robbed of the richness of his morning rountine, he cannot function. He has grown comfortable with this part of himself. And he calls it the magic that is him.
    He can\’t obsolutely manage Eddie; he can\’t tell Eddie to stop staring at himself.
    — From Space Quest

  2. Nattawan says :

    One of his pet peeves is when someone comes to him with ambiguous explanation like "she literally hangs around the house." He needs more specific information of "hangs around the house." What does that person really do in the act of hanging around the house?
    He does most of his shopping by phone. He told this to Roz when she told him her pet peeve.
    — From Here\’s Looking at You

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