Extreme Programming Installed – in Brief

Roles of Customer, Programmer, and Manager
Customer’s role
  • Choose what will deliver business value
  • Choose what will do first and what to defer
  • Define acceptance tests
Programmer’s role
  • Analyze (task & estimate user stories), design, test, program, and integrate the system
  • Make the system deliverable
Manager’s role
  • Bring customer and developers together
  • Make the process smooth, but not do the process
XP’s Life Cycle
       –>customer—define value—>programmer— estimate cost–
       |                                                                                       |
       —build value—programmer<–choose value—customer<—-
Go Through the Process
On-site Customer tells User Stories and defines Acceptance Tests, then programmers do Story Estimation with Intuition and Comparison techniques. Based upon estimates, customer defines Small Releases which will create Sense of Completion. Customer and programmers sit together to create Iteration Plan. Then go quickly through a Quick Design Session if programmers want to reassure their solution, jump to Test-driven Coding with a plenty of XP’s recommended practices, test and release.
Link to a book of Extreme Programming Installed 

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