[Frasier] Roz’s Krantz and Gouldenstein Are Dead

Moira: I’m eighty-one now.  And every morning, I open my eyes and I
          see the sun streaming through the window. I hear the birds
          chirping, I smell the coffee brewing down the hall, and I walk
          into the bathroom and I look into the mirror. And do you know
          what I say to myself?
  Roz: What?
  Roz: What the hell is that?!
Moira: That’s the second thing I say! The point is, it is only gonna
         get worse from where you are right now.  Well, what did you
         want me to say?  "Life gets better with every passing year?"
         You want to hear that, you go talk to Mrs. Adleman. You can’t
         miss her.  She’s the one in the TV room with the inflatable
         seahorse around her waist.
  Roz: Well you’re not making me feel any better, Moira.
Moira: It’s ‘coz I can’t. Nobody likes to get older. But it doesn’t
         mean you can’t enjoy yourself. I’ll tell you a funny story. 
         Last Thursday, I hacked into the main computer here and
         changed the schedule. So now, I get all my sponge-baths from
  Roz: You’re kidding me.
Moira: Look, you’re way too young to be concerned about all this. 
         Don’t waste the best years of your life worrying about
         something you can’t control.

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