It’s Intuition not Rationality

My period 2 completely ended today after I had submitted the last report of Iteroperability. A real holiday begins then. I finished all tasks in period 2, except this report, by Dec 8. Since then I tried to write the report but it seemed everything went wrong; my idea was died; my head was blank, my concentration was lost; my days passed emptily.
On the contrary, after I was back from the trip, although I wouldn’t start writing my report, but I had a strong feeling about I could finish it in time. And prior to that I needed to formulate my intention on doing that. Then I came with a resolution for year 2007. The first task I had to complete was the report. This year was very strange, however, once New Year’s bells rang I was outside, counting down, that means I went to sleep late that night, would get up late, and couldn’t start writing the report.
However, it turned out that I had successfully captured myself in report for 5 days, and completely finished on Jan 7. I knew I could finished it on Jan 5; and this was another time that I really hate my gut feeling; something told me that I would need a week; it’s true I couldn’t stand writing it anymore on day 5; and stopped everything for a day, then resumed and completed on day 7.
In short, one strong feeling told me I could do it in time, not need to rush, also my gut feeling told me that I needed more time, not 5. I need to do thing intuitively not rationally.

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