A Trip to the Arctic Circle Day 5

Day 5 (24 Dec 2006) Kiruna – Yellow House – Yellow House – Kiruna
Good morning quiet & lazy Christmas’s Eve!
I woke up at 9.30 a.m. Today our schedule was to collect food for tonight’s celebration and tomorrow’s breakfast. Today we would save our energy and hibernate in a warm, comfortable room. We went to ICA, the only supermarket in town, opening till 1 p.m., bought food and glögg for tonight, and we took photos on the way. Actually snow is more beautiful in sunlight. I like pure and very white snow. It gives me a joyful, peaceful feeling. But not after dark, that’s quite depressed.
We went back around 12.30 p.m., cooked, ate, washed, then rested in peace, waited for next meal which were starting around 8 p.m. Here it got dark since 2 p.m. So today we have less activities and now I was waiting for next meal.
Even the weather in Kiruna was not so cold. Today it’s only -5 degree Celcius. I was thinking about something, we live in the same place, in the same period. But we can enjoy it differently. It’s happening to me just now, it’s good for me that I could feel snow and coolness, not so warm, not so cold, it’s perfect! To some people, it’s cold enough.
9 p.m. it’s fun time. Cheers!!! Thanks for our chef & leader. We enjoyed our dinner till 10.30 p.m. It’s really nice Christmas. This was the 1st year I spent Christmas time with friends in cooking, eating, drinking, and celebrating. Actually I don’t think we need to celebrate on Christmas, I’m not Christian. But now we’re living in Sweden, just enjoyed the time and had nothing to do. Baked chicken with potato & glögg was really nice. And Yifeng had a surprise for each of us.
He prepared presents for us. Iris got scarf, Lu got an angel doll, Simon got a mossa (Swedish name), I got a teaspoon (actually it’s for decoration.) He said he selected things for each of us on purpose. For me, he thought I like things small and pretty. Such a lovely friend & leader.
After dinner Iris got so many names. She was Sleeping Beauty in a day, became Snow White while we ate, and turned to be Cinderella, washing dishes, after dinner. Simon also got a new name, a farmer, who could do so many things with low payment. I didn’t know if my friends named me after something cuz I can’t understand Chinese. But one thing they said about me was I am so straight with everything, always direct to the point.
After dinner we played poker, luck in poker was still with me. I began to really love this game, while blackjack Simon was really good at being a dealer.
Once the clock turned to 12 a.m. We ate strawberry ice cream cake to welcome Christmas and tomorrow we would leave at 9 a.m., and start our northern light trip, the highlight of this trip and it accounted for main part of our budget.
We also had luck while staying at Yellow House. We wouldn’t have had wonderful time there if we didn’t have a private kitchen. Our rooms were room no.1 & 2. They were separated from others. Few people came and used the kitchen in our corridor. So we had an exclusive zone consisting of 2 bedrooms, 1 toilet, and 1 kitchen.
What a wonderful time!

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