A Trip to the Arctic Circle Day 3

Day 3 (22 Dec 2006), Rovaniemi – Happaranda
Today started at 10 a.m. Actually I planned to get up at 9 a.m. but I forgot that an alarm in my mobile wouldn’t work when I swithed it off. This is a drawback of Samsung mobile. Such a terrible night, 12 hrs on what they call an "express train" to Rovaniemi. I guessed it stopped at probably every station. I could recognize slow speed of the train, crazy passengers walking along aisle whole night, a light-on compartment for the whole night, someone opening & shutting the door all time. And the worst was I could smell cigarette smoke from the smoking room, next to our compartment. I couldn’t sleep at all untill around 1 a.m. Simon (Haochun) told me he found a quiet place in another compartment and we could lie down in two seats, so I followed him. It’s better but still could feel something when the train stopped, someone moved and got off. However, while the train was running I slept.
We arrived in Rovaniemi at 10.30 a.m. I put fleece on so cold winter was not a problem to me that later we knew it’s only 0 degree Celcius. Now I couldn’t see the real ground, only snow over it. Today our visit was only Santa Claus Village and activities today were shooting photos, shooting photos and shooting photos and spending time on a cross-border bus. Now we developed a routine in the trip, going to bus station, buying tickets of next destination, leaving luggage, but today we needed two boxes. Still had good cost sharing 4 EUR by 5. When we inserted coins in one of them, the box was broken, it swallowed our money and rejected to do the job. So manual service is always reliable; we left luggage at ticket-selling counter; and caught a bus to Santa Claus Village, taking time about 50 mins. We finished a lesson of taking photos and posting in 2 hrs. So we were back to the bus station ahead of the schedule. Now we needed a rest so we decided to change the tickets but the earlier time there was only an express bus, so we need to pay 9.5 EUR more for each person.
Today expense: Bus ticket (Rovaniemi – Happaranda) 16.4 EUR, bus to Santa 5.8 EUR, Water 3.5 EUR/5, luggage 4 EUR/5, food 24.77 SEK, hostel 100 SEK.
P.S. Today we had four lucks; we converted to express bus for free, the bus driver didn’t charge us and he also dropped us in Happaranda, actually it was out of the route, so we didn’t do 20-min walk, we met a kind lady who walked us to the hostel, at the hostel we got a good special price for our night

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