A Trip to the Arctic Circle Day 2

Day 2 (21 Dec 2006), Helsinki – Rovaniemi
It started at 8 a.m. we’re still on the ship. I couldn’t sleep well last night b’coz I was stupid. Not properly put myself under blanket, felt cold, so woke up during the night. Never mind me! We arrived in the harbour in Helsinki on schedule. It’s 10 a.m. Finnish time. Are we still in Stockholm? Well, they have some similarities. They have same styles of buildings, same feeling when you walk along the street, same fashions, same sky (how could it be different?). But shortly after, I knew they’re not quite the same. Our first stop was Uspenski Cathedral at Katajanokka. Most of the time in the church I just enjoyed taking photos. Then we walked to the central bus station to unload our luggage and bought train tickets to Rovaniemi. I just had funny thought what would happen if we couldn’t have had the tickets. In the station, we chose a big box in which we put all of our stuff. We had good cost sharing, 3 EUR divided by 5. Then we started a real walking trip in Helsinki.
We walked from one church to another church and then still another church. After we visited three can’t-miss churches. We ended our sightseeing activity at the Helsinki City Museum. Quite nice! at least you can get a brief history of how they built and developed the city from 1500 A.D. – present. Then, it’s time to recharge your energy with good food in reasonable price. So, our first meal outside Sweden was Pizza buffet, but I didn’t taste any piece of pizza. It can’t get my appetite since I know Tont. Enjoy it sometimes is OK but not preferable. Since we couldn’t get the train tickets at the time that we planned, we needed to spend time in Helsinki longer. That’s why we kill 4 hrs. in buffet. We’re there from 4 p.m – 8 p.m. It’s still not the departure time. So, we hung out in shopping mall.
We backed to the train station at 9.40 p.m., picked up bags, loaded them on the back, and waited for time. Again, why was an old man drawn to me? He couldn’t speak English so he found a person who could be a translator. The message was how happy he was when he met us. But he thought we’re from Japan. Should I feel happy for that? I don’t think so. Thanks goodness our train had arrived, I was alert and careful about talking to a stranger but finally he left his kiss on my head. It seemed he’s a bit drunk.
Once we got on the train I abruptly unloaded my things. It’s time to relax. We had a long rest on the train (12 hrs.) It’s just the 2nd day but I was really tired. See ya again in Rovaniemi, the city with real snow.
Today expense: luggage 3 EUR by 5, train ticket 61.4 EUR, buffet 8 EUR.

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