A Trip to the Arctic Circle Day 1

Day 1 (20 Dec 2006), Kista – T-Centralen – Helsinki
We gather at Iris’s room about 2 p.m. and departed at 2.15 p.m. The trip became intereting to me just the night before we set off. Prior to that I didn’t know where was my passion about this trip had gone to. We took tunnelbana from Kista towards T-centralen then changed to the green line and got off at Slussen. No-one in the group ever traveled with Viking Line before. So we a bit struggled in finding the Viking Line office, we asked for a direction from someone we believed he was a native but his English was not very good, so he couldn’t show a clear direction to us. Anyway, being a good leader in a trip, Yifeng called to the Viking Line hotline and asked for the way. At last we managed to arrive the office, getting tickets and going on board. The ship was very nice to a person who never traveled by it before like me.
We checked in around 3.45 p.m. and departed from Stockholm at 4.45 p.m. On board, they have everything as we have on land, pubs, bars, casino, restaurants, duty free shops, hotel, and you can go on board and have a room for free. We spent time in exploring the ship; checking in every floor, having food that we brought with us coz things on ship was expensive, playing cards; and tonight I was very lucky in poker, honestly this was the first time I played poker with humans and introduced it to friends, listening to music in a pub; the music was very nice; I wish one day I and P’Nop travelled together and had romantic time. Now I’ve already planned to take dancing class with him when I’m back to Thailand  What will he say? So we enjoyed time in the pub for 4 hrs. Gosh!!! 4 hrs. Then we dismissed to our beds. Now it is the end of day 1. See ya tomorrow in Helsinki. Goodnight and sleep tight.
P.S. the bad thing was we shouldn’t have spent time in the pub. Now I could smell cigarette smoke from my hair even I had already washed it. My clothes smelled bad, too .
Today expense: tunnelbana ticket (Kista – T-centralen) 18 SEK.

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