[Frasier] Now, I Love The Crane Bros

HA! HA! HA!. I laughed my head off at Frasier again. I liked a joke on it. Frasier was about to support a politicain, running to Congress, whom later he found that the person believed he was abducted by aliens. As a psychiatrist, Frasier couldn’t reveal this thing to anybody. Now, Frasier felt he couldn’t run a TV commercial to support him anymore. Then his brother, Niles, noticed something wrong with his brother so he asked. But Frasier couldn’t tell him otherwise he would be violating a doctor-patient confidence. Fortunately, Niles knew a trick to get around their professional ethics. So he became Frasier’s psychiatrist for next few minutes. Frasier suddenly spill out his secret to Niles.
Now you know there is no secret in this world, there is no exception with your doctor, he can also spread it out.

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