[Frasier] I Love Dr. Frasier Crane

Ha! Ha! Ha! I love you, Frasier. You brought me big laugh after brained-tired and quiet day. Now my day turned back to a beautiful day again.
Frasier: "Oh my God! Fire! Fire!"
Frasier: "Uh, say Tom, this may sound like short notice, but if you’re 
not busy Saturday, why don’t you come round my place for
dinner?  Nothing fancy."
Tom: "Well thanks, I’d like that."
Frasier holds up a card: "HANDS OFF HE’S TAKEN!"
Now can you guess what the story is developed after this?
Tom: "Do you have some problem with me dating your brother?"
Nile: No.
Frasier: "Now Niles, I didn’t ask Tom to dinner so he could
talk with you all night in the kitchen.  There are others who
would like to have a crack at him!"
Ha! Ha! Ha!

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