The New Year’s Eve 2007

It’s New Year’s Eve. I haven’t made any resolutions yet. It’s the year that I feel so empty about the coming year. I need a novel and creative idea for life in the new calendar year. Nevertheless, this year is different from every year because I don’t need holidays from work, so I feel as one typical day that the sun rises in the North and set in the South. But someone wants to make it different, they hold celebration everywhere, launch fireworks, play music, etc. So this year I’m following this tide to hang out in a bar, countdown in downtown, and watch fireworks.
The truth is I’ve just made an excuse for work left over on my desk, a report of Interoperability of Enterprise Systems and Services, which is about to start. I don’t need to finish it by yearend. It’s just another day on a calendar but it’s just put as the last day of the year (damnnit! Why I keep thinking that.)
Alright, the new year will start with all of my intention in the report, nothing can interupt before it’s done. After that I can enjoy few books on my list in peace, hopefully. And, by Jan 10, I don’t wanna talk or think about project management course, such a boring and most irritating one.
I can’t have my own idea about new year so I’ll borrow from others. Perhaps for year 2007 I need some good words to inspire, cheer up, and guide my life. So, I found good quotations from a website, World of Inspiration. Of those, I like some
Success is not to be measured by the position someone has reached in life, but the obstacles he has overcome while trying to succeed.
– By Booker T. Washington
"Once the game is over, the king and the pawn go back in the same box."
By Unknown
The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge.
By Daniel J. Boorstin
"The best thing about the future is that it only comes one day at a time."
– By Abraham Lincoln
"There is no failure. Only feedback."

By Unknown
"A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes."
– By Hugh Downs
"The happiest of people don’t necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way."
By Unknown
And my most favorite quote of all time is "I’m a slow walker, but I never walk back," from Abraham Lincoln.
It’s quite a good idea to start new year with healthy and powerful mind. Now I know what I value for year 2007 :D.

Then, I can reset all of my bad habits in the past year and start life over.

See ya in 2007. Have a Happy New Year to all of you and make it as your best year ever!

3 responses to “The New Year’s Eve 2007”

  1. Tinnapat says :

    Happy New Year na ja…

  2. Pitinan says :

    Happy new year jaa

  3. Pasit says :

    Happy new year too.
    Your quotes seems very interesting na

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