Two Good News After the Trip

After I was back from the Arctic trip, there were two good news in my mailbox. I received a Christmas and Happy New Year card from my "happy family", they wrote that in the card. What the most lovely card, full of good wishes, love, happiness, and warm feelings that I’ve ever had. For me, wherever I am, whatever I do, whenever I need I can be sure of love and support from my family, the only thing that I can rely on that it will always be there for me. After reading the card, it reminded me why I come to Sweden, what I have to do to fulfill my dream and continue my life after taking a break. Actually, one year and a half in Sweden is my break from working life and normal life in Bangkok. And I have to spend this opportunity carefully and worthfully.
The other news was in my electronic mailbox, it’s mail from P’Rin about his wedding photos. I am always happy when I hear such kind of news from friends. I like the feeling on that day between the bride and groom. They are so much in love in each other, full of happiness, carefulness, and romance that any new couple would have. But some couples fail in their marriage after years. So I also always wish they had healthy marrying life till the day they were apart. I like P’Rin’s wedding ceremony and outfits. Actually it’s a typical modern Thai wedding ceremony that in the morning the groom goes to the bride’s place with a parade of Kan Mak and make an engagement with the bride, in the afternoon traditional Thai wedding custom, called Rod Num Sung, is held. The elder persons in the bride’s and groom’s family and senior persons whom the bride and groom respect soak couple’s hands with water in conch shell and wish them good luck and happy marriage, also teach how to live and retain a couple life. In the evening a wedding ceremony is held in a hotel to celebrate a new couple and thank guests for joining and being a witness in the couple’s marriage.
Wedding is another state of life, a sign of growing up. For P’Rin and P’Da, it’s another evidence of miracle of love. They met each other in a workplace at that time each other had his and her dater. But perhaps someone up there or serendipity (บุพเพสันนิวาส), what we believe in Thailand, makes them to be a new couple today. "Wish both of you enternal love!"
I just notice that when we write their names in English Rin & Da, it’s like names P’Rin and N’Da from my favorite Thai novel Kum Mun Sanya, which means a promise.

One response to “Two Good News After the Trip”

  1. Pasit says :

    Your perspective on Wedding ceremony, remind me many weddings that I had ever taken photography for them
    Looking back at that time, I could feel the overwhelming of joy and happiness around. And I was always love to take ceremonial pictures. It happened just once in their life. I was very happy to participate in such memorable ceremony as a photography, try to be a good photographer, not only capture the beautiful pictures but to capture the atmosphere that will never be again. Hand in hand, the bride\’s tears, etc. I love them all
    That\’s I can feel as a photographer, I can make their unforgettable days really unfogettable

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