A Trip to the Arctic Circle

A trip to the Arctic Circle will start tomorrow but before that my spending sprit has already started. Could it be winter depression drive you crazy about throwing your money in nothing without no reason? I really enjoyed spending it during this season. As far as you are capable to spend it, you should be happy, at least it’s better than you don’t have any buck to indulge yourself in paying out. Oh but that’s something capitalism wanna make you believe in.
Anyway this is not my original plan, moving more north. So I have to prepare lots of stuff to live under -20 degree Celcius for many days. We will see if I can survive with stuff that I brought from Thailand, they are good quality though. And I bought more in Stockholm before we set off.
We will depart by boat of Vikingline around 4.45 p.m. tomorrow and we are arriving in Helsinki around 10.00 a.m. next morning. That’s very long journey on ship, isn’t it? After that we are going sightseeing in Helsinki for a day, and catching a train to Rouvaniemi where Santa Claus Village is located. We plan to spend a day there and ride on a bus to sleep in Haparanda. When we wake up in the next morning we will be on a train towards Kiruna and finish the trip of northern light and Ice Hotel and back to Stockholm on December 28.
I hope it would be a nice trip. Even though I’ve just realized that travelling alone is not what I want (this trip we go in 5.) It’s supposed to be someone you feel closed to him/her to travel with you, then it would be memorable piece of time. It doesn’t mean my companions are not good, but I just wish I had someone here with me.

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