Lovely Dinner

Last night dinner was so fantastic! It’s the most wonderful, sensational, and memorable dinner of spending life here. We ate in 3, me, Jia and Paul, and Jia called it a 3G party for celebrating the end of global IT management and our well-performed presentation on the last day of the course. This was the first time that I really cooked for friends so I offered the best that I could. Well, main course was good (entrecote steak with creme fraiche and cracked pepper sauce, leafy salad and jacket potato) but dessert (blueberry cheese pie) wasn’t what it should have been, anyway, at least it still tasted as blueberry cheese pie. Last night beverage and atmosphere was so special, we helped to build it up. Jia and Paul brought Chenin Blanc wine and one-big-white and two-small-red candles. We also had wine glasses. So everything was perfect; fine food & drink, warm and intimate atmosphere, nice music, comfortable room and good friends. It’s the time that I completely relaxed, we ate, drank, chitchatted, laughed, sometimes moved body over music. After meal, we played some games introduced by Paul, he’s a guy full of punished recreation. So our rule was the loser sipped fresh, lime juice, and for mercy, we allowed the loser to lick salt on their palm before sipping. So all of us finished the last lime in the fridge. Thank goodness that I had only one lime left. So dinner ended about 11 p.m. That’s really 5-hour-long dinner and it’s fabulous!

One response to “Lovely Dinner”

  1. Qing says :

    really nice!

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