Jul i Sweden

Maybe this Christmas in Stockholm there is no snow. I walked around Christmas market in Gamla Stan today under the weather 7-9 degree Celcius. It was nice for strolling. When I was in Thailand I didn’t celebrate this occasion. But the spirit of Christmas here, you can’t miss it. Why I shouldn’t celebrate joy!
Here, in Sweden, they call Santa Claus as tomte or nisse, a mythical creature of Scandinavian folklore, who took care of a farmer’s home and barn and protect it from misfortune, in particular at night, when the housefolk were sleep. Since tomte is a mythical creature, he looked different from Santa Claus that we always see in hollywood movies. Here, he was often imagined as a small, elderly man with a full bread, dressed in the everyday clothing of a farmer, from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomte.
Sweden also has popular warm drink during the Christmas season called Glögg. The main ingredients are (red) wine, spices such as cinnamon and cloves, and optionally also stronger spirits such as vodka, akvavit, or cognac. The mixture is prepared by heating. Several restaurants in Gamla Stan, they serve Glögg with gingerbread.
Christmas related words
Santa Claus = tomte (tomten, tomtar)
Christmas = jul (julen, jular)
Merry Christmas = god jul
Christmas market = Julmarknad
Glögg = the Scandinavian version of mulled (sugar and spice added) wine

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