Guin of the South VS. Bear of the North

After talk to The Bear we came to a conclustion that, The Bear will rule the north world while The Guin will rule the south world. It a very imaginary concept from a mature guy. But I think he has a kid’s heart. So now The Guin owned Penguin Villa Co., Ltd. (sound like Penguin Village in Dr.Slump and I were Arale, eiei), and named The Guin, Guin of the South, but The Bear called The Guin, Guin South Pole. Presently, the north empire is much larger and more developed than one in the south. Now the big Bear owns many corporations under Polar Society Group. The group comprises of MIB, FBI, BA, BP, to name a few.However, The Guin discovered that a tropical land lying between two polars, no one rules. So, The Guin created another character to rule the Middle Earth and The Bear said the Middle Earth would be corporated under The Equator Institute. But it seemed something unexpected but always happened with someone obsesseing about power. The Bear turned into the GB and he said he wanna dominate the whole world .
MIB = Men in Bear
FBI = Fat Bear Institute
BA = Bear Airline
BP = Bear Power
GB = Greedy Bear
After I finished conversation with P’Ray, I wanna find a picture of a penguin and a polar bear, and I found this one. Really like it.

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