Give Me Time

Finally, a book that I ordered from in Britain arrived. But I still have no time to read it and the book is about "give me time." Farah said I didn’t want to read this book and if I was gonna read it I wouldn’t have time. True enough. But before I ordered the book I had read a sample chapter of it, and I liked the idea that the book introduced. We always have time for doing something that satisfies us. And another idea is from the book of Planning Extreme Programming, it is not because you don’t have enough time but it’s because you have too many things to do. That’s also true. Your time is up for the thing that you are continuing when you lose our interesting on doing it and center to a new exciting project. So the book of "give me time" says that "an idea of having enough time is not a helpful and healthy goal. Any attempt to restrict our imagination and appetite for new adventures seems quite wrong."
Now I really don’t have time to finish this book, precisely, to start. I’ve gotta prepare for a big day tomorrow. I’m gonna give a presentation in Global IT Management class. It’s actually I have too many things to do, and to read the book of "give me time" would rather satisfy me than prepare for the presentation. But there is another factor, priority. So priority comes first, then satisfaction.

One response to “Give Me Time”

  1. Tha says :

    I always spend my time based on my preferences. But, yes, I agree with you that priority comes first. However, not everytime 😛
    And, .. please .. give me time T-T ..

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