Lost and Found

Hey! Hey! Do you see my absent and wandering mind? I have lost it somewhere today. I thought my mind and body were apart after I found an idea for my ontology individual assignment. Perhaps they were back together while I was writing the previous blog. After that I no longer see my mind. I’m gonna stop looking for it right now, perhaps, it wanna show me where it is. I know my mind, it’s naughty. If I want it to come back it will not. Then I will do the opposite thing, it should come back now .
Things done today
1. Found idea on individual assignment
2. Lost my mind
3. Finished a blog for H.M. the King’s birthday
4. Got a reply on my idea from Vandana
5. Went to a meeting but I wanna think it didn’t happen
6. At last I feeded myself
7. Found my mind

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