Celebration on Dec 5, 2006

If only I could write better English. I’d convey profound feeling of Thai citizens to their beloved King and the King’s benevolence much better to my foreign friends who keep reading my blog.
Today is the King’s 79th birthday. I remember when I was in Thailand everyone in my family waited for the royal speech given by the King on the night before the King’s birthday. This year I was not in Thailand and busy with my report. However, I read the King’s speech this morning. The King’s speech is very appealing and compelling every year. The King would talk and showed his supreme cares about such significant events as natural disaster and domestic disorders happening in the country, he would teach and guide his children (citizens) how to tackle difficulty (actually, all of us are grown-up but I think most of the time we adopt child behavior, especially, those in Thai Parliament.)
Part of the royal speech given by the King on Dec 4, 2006
"I hope everyone will do their duty well and I will be as happy as I am at the age of 80. May everyone who works with determination and honesty and realises in the use of their old age succeed in their jobs."
Anyway, with advanced communication technology, I could watch the great event happening in Thailand. hundreds of thousands of loyal crowd in yellow-clad gathered for candle-lighting at Sanam Luang tonight to celebrate the King’s birthday. Some had arrived early in the day. Crowd of Thais along both sides of Ratchadamnoen Avenue continuously, cheerfully hailed "Long Live the King" while the royal car was passing by. I think for the people who presented in the scene they couldn’t ensure if the King could hear their voice; however, everyone didn’t hesitate to show their greatest and complete love and respect to the King.
I couldn’t explain my feeling after I watched the broadcast program, but just wanna give this little, well-wished word to the King "Long Live the King."

One response to “Celebration on Dec 5, 2006”

  1. Yifeng says :

    woo…the picture of the city is amazing. Is it the center of Bangkok?

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