Just Another Page

Another page was being written down in my living history book. Another story of a busy day, no exciting, as ordinary day, staying in the room, writing a report, walking from one corner to another corner, eating, listening to music, watching movie when couldn’t continue with writing.
Actually it’s just a five-page report but I spent whole day to finish it. I can’t imagine my productivity of professional writing.
Another experience of missing someone that I’m not able to see him for a year. Be familiar with happiness of loneliness and happiness of having someone to think of.
Another lesson for testing myself, how long I can stand for it, how long I can keep my mind concentrate on what I have to do, how much I want to beat it up.
I wanna write something about "another page was written down in my living history." Actually, there are two sides of a coin. Book contains more content that make it more valuable but on the other side of the coin it has less pages to write down.
And I wanna write something about Charles M. Schulz, the Peanuts creator. He started writing the first strip of Peanuts in 1950, the last strip was publised in newspaper on February 13, 2000, just one day after he passed away. 50 years in one career, everyday with writing cartoon strips for newspaper, that must be a great passion of doing something that only the great people can do. He said it was the fulfillment of his childhood ambition. Such a great, strong feeling!
How many of us are doing what we dreamed when we were kids? How many of us know what we desire and it will fulfill our life? How many years we can keep that feeling with us? How many years we can continue doing it?
It seems I have answer for none of them. I always discontinue what I used to do last year. My life rapidly changed especially in recent years. A lot of unexpected events happened. Not completely unexpected but the results was overestimated and they resulted from my intention. I always think I’m a lucky person and someone may think luck is with me. It’s half true. Everything happens for some reasons; they’re causes and effects. But if the effects are better than we expect then we are lucky.
Here, I’ll resume writing my report.

3 responses to “Just Another Page”

  1. Jia says :

    I don\’t think that unexpected events happen is bad thing.Because of this, we won\’t feel boring about our lives, it will be surprising and exciting. Isn\’t it interesting?
    It seems that you are lucky, but in my opinion, you deserve it, because you are powerful, smart but very nice.

  2. Amornrat says :

    This is the first time, I leave my comment here after just reading your blog for a while. I love this sentence "Be familiar with happiness of loneliness and happiness of having someone to think of." Nothing to say more. @^:^@

  3. Rin says :

    Sometimes I ask myself if I am leading my life or someone or something is working on that. Life is mysterious. Every moment contains two, at least, ways to choose. We\’ll never know what will happen if we choose another. That\’s why we have the "what if" question. The truth is we have to live with the present, no past because at 0.000000009 milliseconds ago is also the past and we couldn\’t reach the future though by the same reason. Being at the present and concentrate on that; loneliness will be one of your friend and it will reveal you another side of the coin.

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