My Deer

I didn’t incorrectly spell it. I intentionally mean a "deer," a large wild animal that eats grass and leaves, and has large branching horns in male.
"My Deer," said a lion. Does it make sense now?
When a ravenous king of animals spots a little, feeble deer, he knows he can feed himself before long. For the lion, it’s a little job to run as fast as the slowest deer to supply its empty belly. For the deer, it’s a bigger, harder, severer job to run faster than the fastest lion to ensure not to put his life in doom. It’s nature of being a predator and a prey. Being the predator is more thrilling and stimulating while being the prey is more terrified and fear-provoking.
Now you decide which position that you favor more.

2 responses to “My Deer”

  1. Pasit says :

    I heard a similar proverb.
    Everyday a deer wake up and run as fast as it can to not become a lion\’s meal
    Everyday a lion wake up and run as fast as it can otherwise it will starved
    No matter you\’re a predator or a prey
    You\’d better run
    as fast as you can
    I remembered it from KBANK headquarter

  2. Nattawan says :

    Hehe, what a small world it is! Yes, there is a picture of a lion chasing a herd of deers, on floor 35th, in front of the library, at KBANK headquater, is it the same pic? There is text on the pic but I don\’t remember. Anyway, it seems I wanna remember meaning of that pic differently from you 😉

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