Casino Royale

"The name is Bond, James Bond" is an immortal phrase that you would here in every episode of James Bond films. I just watched the latest one, Casino Royale, which has Daniel Craig playing in a role of MI6 secret agent. In this episode, Bond was recruited into a team of MI6 spies and on a mission to Madagascar. He decided to investigate independently of the MI6 agency. Bond characters in this movie is different from any previous ones. Daniel Craig, with intense blue eyes, blond hair, and bulked-up frame, has developed a new Bond paragon. After having watched it, I think he did pretty well in the film. I came across one new James Bond film review website on which I really like a quote "Craig is not your father’s James Bond, but he is almost certainly your daughter’s." In the film, there also are a lot of action and risky scenes that ran into Bond’s life as well as affection.

There is a consequence from the film, I can play poker now. I wanted to play it long time ago, since I read a Japanese cartoon and watched Maverick, starred by Mel Gibson, and God of Gamblers, starred by Chow Yun Fat.


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