Open World Reasoning of True Love

In open world reasoning, a.k.a, open world assumption, it mentions that we cannot assume something doesn’t exist until it is explicitly stated that it doesn’t exist. I found that we can also apply this assumption to true love, "if you haven’t found true love yet, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist in this world." If you believe in this assumption, don’t stop searching for true love then you will finally probably find one. Buf if you quit now, you will finally certainly find none. I believe it does exist somewhere out there, it may not come to me, it may not yet come to you, yet someone claims it has come to them. Believing in beautiful thing is not supposed to hurt, instead you should embrace warm feeling of that believing in your heart. Life in the world of uncertainty and unexpectation is not very long, therefore, why not enjoy every moment in this world. Love is one of many concepts that we name in this world. I believe it exists for us to learn to find one, to learn to grow one, to learn to maintain one, and perhaps to learn to lose one. Let love if you want, and have constructive love, not destructive one. If you’re lucky then you could have your utter love.

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