A Long, Energy-Draining Day

It’s a very long, energy-draining day. Woke up at 5.30, couldn’t sleep well and didn’t know why! But maybe it was because of interoperability assignment which is duing tomorrow, and still haven’t any idea about it. Started the reading at 7.30; went to the recruitment of project management at 10.00, stayed there untill 11.30; had lunch; ran to a meeting with a customer at 13.00, which ended around 15.00; attended a lecture in another building which was given from 15.00 – 17.45; had dinner; hope now I am relaxing by writing this blog; waiting for the last task of the day, a meeting to do interoperability assignment which is starting from 19.30 to ???
P.S. I’d gotta cancel 3 calls from mom & dad, two while I was in the meeting, one while I was in the class, which was very bad. When I feel tired and can talk to my family or someone who is very close to you, it regains a lot of my mental energy.
And, one friend said, "come on, this is life." Yes, this is life. Just another hard working day. And, it’s passing.

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