When you live in a new place, there are so many things different from where you’re from. If you couldn’t recongize them, how ashamed you are. Thank to P’Mimi’s words, I’m living my life in this new country through the eyes of 8-year-old girl. I, then, see small things or it could be a common of people living here for 10 years or more, I appreciate the moment, beauty, nature, and everything. I’ll try to hold this feeling as long as I can then I’ll enjoy my life every day.
Yesterday, I learned a new word, winter depression used in countries locating far away from the equator, which have shorter daytime during winter. Then I searched in the Internet, there are so many names about that, for example, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), SAD syndrome, seasonal depression, winter blues, and cabin fever.
What is Seasonal Depression?
Seasonal depression is a depression that occurs each year at the same time, usually starting in fall or winter and ending in spring or early summer. It is more than just "the winter blues" or "cabin fever." A rare form of SAD known as "summer depression," begins in late spring or early summer and ends in fall.
Symptoms of winter SAD
Fatigue, increased need for sleep, decreased levels of energy, weight gain, increase in appetite, difficulty concentrating, increased desire to be alone.
What causes SAD?
The exact cause of this condition is not known, but the influence of latitude on SAD strongly suggests that it is caused by changes in the availability of sunlight. One theory is that with decreased exposure to sunlight, the biological clock that regulates mood, sleep, and hormones is delayed, running more slowly in winter. Exposure to light may reset the biological clock.
Another theory is that brain chemicals that transmit information between nerves, called neurotransmitters (for example, serotonin), may be altered in individuals with SAD. It is believed that exposure to light can correct these imbalances.
Now I diagnosed myself, the result showed that I’m normal (but there is a note on the web that it is very important you do not diagnose yourself :P). I go to bed at the same time; I get up at the same time (maybe a bit late, relatively 3 months ago, after my biological clock has been adjusted to the new place, hehe); I don’t enjoy eating more (conversely, I think I enjoy less, after 3 months, I have no creative idea about my food). The seasonal change, however, has some effects on me. I want more to be outside especially in a sunny day; I shift my dinner time to 5 o’clock; I finish most of my things earlier and faster (can I say my productivity has increased?) because I think it’s been already dark outside; My life during the day shorten, my life during the night lengthen.
Oh, and I’m waiting for a chance to watch a movie, The Shining, a masterpiece of modern horror which was launched in 1980, starred by Jack Nicholson, directed by Stanley Kubrick, adapted from a novel written by Stephen King. Farah just introduced to me yesterday. The story was about a family, of which a father took care of a hotel regularly closed during winter. After some time, the father (Jack Nicholson) was mentally sick and it got seriously worse when he tried to kill his wife and son. People would scientifically explain the father was sick of a cabin fever but in fact he was overwhelmed by horrible spiritual presence.

4 responses to “SAD”

  1. Yifeng says :

    ohhhh, The Shining, is it the movie invent the word "redrum", which is a reverse writing of "murder"? I used to use this word as my name in a online game 🙂
    And the theory of brain chemical let me remember another story: it\’s said, when you eating chocolate, there is one kind of chemical material named XXX, which is the same with what your brain will release when you are fall in love. It seems a good reason for chocolate!

  2. Nattawan says :

    You\’re right. The word "REDRUM", or reservely, "MURDER" is used in the movie, precisely, in the book written by Stephen King.
    And, for chocolate, now I could crave bitter one. I love dark chocolate and 75% cacao is now fine to me which I couldn\’t like when I was in Thailand. Too bitter when you live in a tropical country, hahh! Too much biochemical substance, too much emotion 😛

  3. tontpong says :

    Sound like animal\’s behavior that preparing for hibernation
    .. eat more to get more energy, less active to use less energy.
    I don\’t know why wanna be alone.. but this behavior same with animal\’s hibernation, also.
    Maybe, this syndrome will remind that we are a kind of animal.
    We are same, we live in same planet.. so we should save each others.
    มีคนชอบชอกโกแลตขมๆ ด้วย ดีใจจัง (หรือเสียใจดีหว่า มีคนแย่งกินแล้วสิเนี่ย แง)
    ว่าแต่สงสัยจัง ทำไมคนไทยชอบชอคโกแลตหวานๆ กัน..
    จิงๆ แบบหวานๆ ส่วนใหญ่เปนแค่ไขมันสกัดจากผล cacao เอง
    ไม่มีค่อยมีเนื้อชอคโกแลตหรือเนื้อผล cacao เลย.. อดได้สารกระตุ้นที่อยู่ในชอคโกแลตด้วย เพราะสารที่ว่าอยู่ในเนื้อ cacao
    จำชื่อเตมๆ ไม่ได้แหะ แต่ชื่อและคุณสมบัติคล้าย amphetamine ที่เปนสารกระตุ้น.. เพิ่มการหมุนเวียนเลือด เพิ่มความอบอุ่นให้ร่างกาย
    ประเทศทางตอนเหนือเลยนิยมกัน อย่างเช่นทีมกู้ภัยในสวิต มักมีน้ำโกโก้ติดตัว.. แต่ cacao จะไม่ติดง่าย เพราะกระตุ้นคนละจุดกะ amphetamine
    แต่จะไปกระตุ้นในส่วนที่ใกล้เคียงกับการได้รับ Pheromone .. เลยมีผลเกี่ยวๆ กับความรักความพึงพอใจมากกว่า
    ในเนื้อ cacao ยังมีสารที่ช่วยในการผลิตเม็ดเลือดขาวด้วย.. กินแล้วภูมิต้านทานจะดี
    จำรายละเอียดไม่ได้.. ที่แน่ๆ ถ้ากินชอคโกแลตแบบหวานๆ ก้ออด พวกนั้นทำจากผงชอคโกแลต
    ซึ่งผงชอคโกแลตในไทยส่วนใหญ่ ทั้งที่ใช้ชงหรือใช้ผสมทำเค้กทำเครื่องดื่มอย่างนม.. ก้อไม่ค่อยมีเนื้อ cocao
    มีแต่ไขมันสกัดจาก cacao แล้วค่อยแต่งสีแต่งกลิ่น.. เพราะถ้าสกัดจากเนื้อ cacao ตรงๆ จะขม คนไม่ชอบ ขายไม่ออก

  4. orthopedic specialist says :

    SAD is a condition where the change in seasons have a much greater effect on a person’s mood and energy levels, and lead to symptoms of depression that have a significant impact on your day-to-day life. We shouldn’t take SAD lightly.

    orthopedic specialist

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