Interesting Issues from China and 40 African Countries Summit in Beijing and Responds from the World

I accepted, until now, I had not been very interested in world’s politics and economy, more precisely, even in those of my own country. After I registered in global IT management, it lifted up my interest on these areas.
Interesting issues from China and 40 African countries summit in Beijing and responds from the world
  • We still have abundance of natural resources in many countries in the black continent, and we are invading and starvingly consuming them.
  • We have a new player, or it could be a new beast, harming to natural resources, in a position of global power.
  • We protest human-rights abuses in Zimbabwe and genocide in Sudan. But do we really care about them?
  • We call for improving governance, reducing corruption, installing environmental standards, but part of us do not.
  • We have use several forms of weapons to attain our targets. Diplomatic imperative is one of our powerful weapons.
  • We have a principle called the one-China principle. Part of us agree to recognize, and part of use do not, and basically we have a common reason by doing so, mutual benefits.

It’s very interesting to watch big movement of the new world’s power player in politics, economics and society.


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