Sadness Is Happiness

How sad is it if you cannot feel sadness? How sad is it if you cannot cry when you hear a misery? How sad is it if you cannot show your empathy to your beloved when he/she passed away? How sad is it if you lose an ability to be sad? Perhaps, it’d not be sad at all if nobody knew sadness. We might dislike sadness it’s miserable and dim. But imagine if you lose a feeling of being sad what would you look like when you’re low. How do you define happiness? Thus, when you’re sad, you don’t need to be so sad, but appreciate the feeing of sadness. Be concious and realize when you’re sad; be happy when you are able to be sad. And recover rapidly to happiness. Sadness is not too bad, it makes you know happiness better than you’ve ever known. The more you are sad, the more you are able to happy. Because we are living in the world constructed from duality: sadness and happiness.
Inspired by The Pursuit of Unhappiness, Ally Mcbeal.

One response to “Sadness Is Happiness”

  1. Yifeng says :

    uhm…once I read, pain is a part of freedom. We all think pain is not a good thing, but in fact pain is the body tell you that here is something not good for you (or dangerous), so you can evade it, before things going worse. Without pain, the so call "freedom" will lead you to destory. Without pain, people can not get lessons, and will hurt themselves once and once again.
    So thanks all the pains in our lives 🙂

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