Striding in the City

It’s really cold yesterday (October 29, 2006). While I strode along sidewalk along the lake, water on wooden path turned into thin slice of ice. Actually I expected to see snow today, but temperature went a bit up. It had less sunlight since 4 p.m. and it’s completely dark around 5:30 p.m. So my friends and I sought out a small, warm coffee shop in Gamla Stan for bakery and hot drinks. Yesterday evening there was a baptism ceremony, one of my friends from China would be a baptist. He said this religion was cool. Hmmm… So this was the first time that I sang and prayed in church. When I sang, I really missed KARAOKE with my lovely friends in Thailand. That’s only thing that a sin person could figure out :P. Hehe, now I had a collection of MVs in my youtube account.
"Love your neighbors as yourself" and "may you in peace" and "Amen!"

One response to “Striding in the City”

  1. Unknown says :

    Water is icing.. ฟังแล้วอยากเล่นสเกตน้ำแข็งจังเลยย ฟิ้ววว ฟ้าวววว

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