The Last Day of Summer

Yesterday, October 29, 2006, was the end period of summertime. In Thailand, I don’t think it means anything. But in many European countries as well as Sweden, I need to know about this. I’m supposed to adjust my time one hour backward. From October 29, Thailand’s time is six hours ahead of Sweden’s. That also made me feel far away from someone close to my heart. Before I went to bed, I adjusted time on my cellphone and watch. It’s strange feeling for me, it seemed I had more time in bed last night. I am, also, curious about time on my computer so that I left it as it was. When I checked it in the morning, time had been adjusted. Life is very easy in digital world, now it seems my life is impacted by an essential object-oriented concept, encapsulation. If I relied my life on windows’ time, then I didn’t need to care about daylight saving time anymore. I just need to check "automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes" on the date and time properties window.
Actually, daylight saving time (DST), so-called summer time. It’s not really summer time but is time used during spring, summer, and early autumn periods. After an end of summer time, you follow standard time. The idea of adapting DST is energy saving. Daytime is longer in summer time, and shorter in winter time. And theoretically, the amount of residential electricity usage is dependent on when the sun sets and when people go to bed. Theoretically, by artificially moving time one hour later, people go to bed faster then the amount of energy used is theoretically reduced.

2 responses to “The Last Day of Summer”

  1. Nattawan says :

    You\’re right…I was confused about time, so I corrected my blog as you suggested. I did it correctly on my watch to move 1 hour backward. And I did that before I went to bed so another answer for your question was I had one extra hour in my bed :P.

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