A City With No People (Part V)

Little By Little
Many days have passed since you…
…brought me to this place
You still go outside, even when you have me
You experience many things outside
And then you come home and tell me about them
Sometimes you even take me outside
Even though I’m one of them
You tell me that I can do whatever I want with my things, as if we were equals
Little by little, the time with you and me passes
Little by little, this space becomes yours and mine
Little by little, the distance is moving
Yours and my distance
But has the distance between us gotten smaller?
Or has it grown bigger?
I don’t know
I do know that I want it to be smaller
But then the same thing would happen again
"It won’t be the same"
"This person isn’t that person"
"It’s someone else. People are all different"

"Even if people look the same…

…they’re all a little bit different"
"No two hearts are exactly the same"
"That’s why the same thing won’t happen"
Then is that person the "someone just for me?"

I don’t know.

…I’m starting to hope he is
In this place that this person brought me to…
Little by little…
…little by little…
…I’m beginning to hope that…
…I can start finding happiness
…someone will come to stop it
Someone will come to prevent me from finding the someone just for me
That person will take care of me
But it’s not because I’m me
That person is kind
To all people and all of them
…he is kind
That person is kind…
…and probably not just towards me
But even if that person is kind to all, his kindness should be a little different each time
He can’t be kind in the same way to everyone…
…because that person is a person
That’s right
A person’s heart can’t stay the same forever
A person’s heart changes a little bit everyday…
…because that is their nature
It can be different
It doesn’t always have to be the same
If he…
…finds in me the things that make me special
If he likes me because I am me
If that person…
…takes the time to find what makes me different from the others…
If he likes me because I am me…
…if that happens…
…we may be able to become something a little different from before
I may not have to lose what’s most important to me…
…like last time
What’s most important…
…what’s most important to them and to people…
…is something precious…
…something you can’t lose
The proof that I am who I am…
…the special proof
That proof will tell me who my someone is
That special, special…
…someone just for me"


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