A City With No People (Part IV)

A Wish That Can’t Be Granted
One day I went to a new city
They are in this city, too
There is no place without them anymore
The people are with them
There are as many of them as there are people
There is only one person just for me…
…and I still have not found him
You are a person, aren’t you?
What was that? I should do what with my hand?
Hold it out?
Where are you taking me?
Is this your house? Why did you bring me here?
Are you…
Are you…
…the person just for me?
You might be…but…
Perhaps this person only brought me here…
…because I am one of them
Maybe he’s just like everyone else. Maybe he just wants me to grant his wishes
I’m not like the rest of them. There is one wish I cannot grant
For if I were to grant that wish, I would…
…have to say goodbye forever to the someone just for me


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