Travel to Japan

Today I had been to a remote area outside Tokyo. There I met very nice villagers. They grew plants such as rice and corn. It was peaceful, fertile village.

There was a warm and full-of-love family had just moved in. This family had a father, named Mr. Kusakabe, and two young daughters, named Satsuki and Mei. Satsuki was an 11-year-old. She was very lively and lovely in her age. While another girl, Mei, a 4-year-old sister was very lovely, cunny and active in learning. She played with her sister, copied her actions and words. Even though, they had age difference, they could get along with each other very well. Satsuki always took a good care of her little sister and prepared food for her family. That was because her mother was sick and in hospital for few months ago. It was not easy for a child in her age has to handle a lot of responsibilities.

Next to Satsuki’s house, there also lived a small family consisting of a granny, a mother, and a preteen boy named Kanta (カンタ). Kanta is a shy boy. He found that it was difficult to speak in front of Satsuki. But, one day he yelled to Satsuki that her house was haunted.

You do not need to question if I had been to Japan during these days. I did almost every day. Precisely, I traveled to many places in different parts of the world. But I guessed most of the places that I visited were in Europe.

Now, I am pleased to invite you to enter the remote area in Japan that I had been to, My Neighbor Totoro (となりのトトロ Tonari no Totoro),

Enjoy your time in a peaceful, rural area. Animation is not for kids and kids’ world lies in everyone’s heart. 😀

P.S. write to me if you had been there!



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