A City With No People (Part III)

They Can Do Anything
They…can do anything.
They are super-people made by people.
They can be prettier than the real thing.
They can be smarter than the real thing.
They can be whatever people want them to be.
Whatever people can dream of.
When the people saw their creation, they thought that their dreams had come true.
But then…people forgot their dreams.
And in time, they invited people to share a new dream…
…a dream they can’t wake up from.
Is that the dream that people want? Is that what happiness is?
They…were created to make people happy.
But…are people truly happy being with them?
Is this city with no people truly happy?
I don’t know. Because…
Happiness depends on the individual.
All people are different. No two are the same.
What makes one person happy…might make another sad.
People’s souls come in all shapes and sizes.
And as time goes on and a person grows, their soul can change.
Their hopes and dreams can change.
That’s why…there isn’t just one type of happiness.
…there must be a way that I can be happy, too?
That is what we all want, isn’t it?
To find the person just for you, to find your own happiness…
…that would be wonderful, wouldn’t it?


2 responses to “A City With No People (Part III)”

  1. Foojan says :

    เอ๊ะ เห็นเอา quote มาจาก chobits บ่อยจังเลย.. เอา manga scan ไปอ่านเล่นเป่า.. เดี๋ยวส่งไปให้ อิอิ

  2. Nattawan says :

    ดูอนิเมชั่นจบไปแล้วอ่ะก็เลยเอามาโพสต์ ขอบคุณคับ

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