A Monster Machine

Sunday, 3 September 2006
First time with a washing machine, but I prefer to call it a monster machine, it shouldn’t have be difficult to do the washing. There was an instuction for each machine; a washing machine, a tumble dryer, a drying machine. In spite of being given in Swedish, the instruction can be understood without difficulty. So I followed the instruction step-by-step, removing hard objects from pockets (I didn’t need to do this, there is nothing in pockets), opening the front lid, putting clothes into the washing tub, closing the lid, pressing the lock button to lock the lid to be opened accidentally, selecting water temperature (I selected 60c), finally pressing the start button. I did press the start button, but nothing happened. I was alone in the laundry room and had no idea WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON HERE! I redid all steps again, I might have done something wrong. But, the result was still the same, the machine didn’t start. Again, WHAT THE HELL WAS HAPPENING WITH THIS MACHINE, it’s just a horrible and stupid, heavy and big, yellow cube. Maybe it’s not that stupid but I was. I waited for a few minutes hoped that it started soon, but it’s a very calm machine. Until, there was somebody walked into the laundry room and I asked for help. What she did was to open the lid and to intensely close it, BANG!, to press the start button. And now it started to wash properly.
It’s surely a monster machine, isn’t it?

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