Shall we dance?

It could hurt when you are in love. It yet hurts when you could not make your partner happy. You may think you would be everything to him/her. You would like to be part of him/her. You may wrong for this belief. Truthfully, you can love by letting him/her be happy with something that he/she enjoys doing, or even letting someone make him/her happy for the thing that you cannot do for. Above all, you need to understand and trust in each other.
If you cannot understand what I am writing, you can find an explanation of it in Shall we dansu? (1996) or Shall we dance? (2004)

One response to “Shall we dance?”

  1. Pitinan says :

    I can\’t find the relations of entry and the movie, as much as i recall it. but I kinda understand 🙂

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