A Trip to a Showroom of a Giant Furniture Industry in Stockholm

Saturday, 2 September 2006
Today there was a bullet on my todo list. I had a date with few Thai students, living in the Hotel Accommodation, going to IKEA (an abbreviation for Ingvar Kamprad Emtaryd Agunnaryd). We went to IKEA Stockholm Barkarby; there are two stores of IKEA in Stockholm, one is located in Barkarby, the other is in Kungens Kurva, by taking bus no. 567. With a monthly SL card, I didn’t need to pay for a ticket. It took around 30 minutes from our resident in Kista to IKEA. When we arrived, there had been many people queuing for lunch. Food in IKEA was affordable, you could find a dish of beef steak with french fried in 39 SEK. There are two floors, the upper floor is for displaying products, you would find that shopping at IKEA is very appealing. Many corners in house are showed in modern, convenient and warm style. The lower floor is for real shopping. You will walk by following an arrow from the first section to the last section and finish up at the checkout. There are wide range of price from 5 SEK to many thousands SEK. It is very easy to spend all day at IKEA. I came back to my room around 3 o’clock and was very starving so I cooked with new kitchenware from IKEA. Eiei!
P.S. My weight as of today is 43 kg, the weight before I left to Stockholm was 42 kg.

One response to “A Trip to a Showroom of a Giant Furniture Industry in Stockholm”

  1. Jia says :

    Jay, your blog is very interesting, I love it.
    P.S.You don\’t need to lose your weight, you are so tiny and cute.

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