A Journey to Sweden Part 4

Friday, 25 Aug 2006
In the morning, I had a mandatory orientation program about accommodation, Swedish personal ID, opening bank account, the Student Union, etc. I had more friends. (I learned that friends are everywhere when you open your mind, eyes, heart and embrace them as your friends.) I went with students from China. They are a large group of students in my program this year, precisely, in every program every year. They are nice, friendly, understanding and helpful. I don’t know how to say I have a feeling touch with them. Maybe we all are Asian people and they thought I was an only Thai student this year. In the afternoon, I went along with them. We went to apply for a Swedish personal ID and looked around the city around T-Centralen subway station. Stockholm scenery around an area where the mouth of lake Mälaren meets the Baltic Sea is very beautiful. Constructions here made me think of what I saw in the Lord of the Rings. Huge buildings in ancient architecture and modern architecture were built deeply inside mountains, aligned on a line of mountains. Cruises are floating along river side and sea shore. I didn’t know which side is the lake or the sea. Swedes built the city between them. Unfortunately, I did not take any photos of them because I thought I would have left my camera in my room. And I found later when I was back to my room the camera was in my bag all the times. Pity me!!!
Anyway it was not too bad; I had many new good friends and captures of scenic part of Stockholm.
Anybody who could help me with correcting my poor grammar would be nice!

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