Just Friends

Sometimes people need to hide the truth even in a couple, we should hide the truth sometimes for some reasons. I was watching Ally Mcbeal, a series of friends working as couselors. Ally had a fantasy dream with John Cage, her best friend, intimately involving with another girl, Neil. They all were friends working in the same company. One night, Ally had a dream of John that they were falling in love with each other some time in the past but they didn’t expose it and in the dream they were kissing each other. The next day, Ally tried to hide her feeling from John but John sensed that there was something wrong with Ally and he confessed to her that he ever would like to date her but he could not speak it out. That made Ally more crazy and obsessed with her dream. Thorough that day, their relationship turned into worse, Ally exploded John with strong words and those hurt their feelings. At last it turned out that friend’s relationship was more worth than a passionate feeling. They decided to save their invaluable relationship. And, when Neil asked to John about a secret between John and Ally, she had an answer that ‘I love you,’ said John. Then Neil stopped asking further questions. She was so gratified by the answer.

I like this episode because it tells me about saving spaces between persons especially between a couple, respect his/her answers to your questions. Sometimes you do not need to hear the truth because it could hurt.


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