A Journey to Sweden: Part 1

Since I had replied email of an offer of EMIS program on May 3, 2006, I was so obsessed with finding information about residence, visa, people who come in fall 2006, course literature, livings and clothes. I spent time every day checking mail from the kth2006 group and messages on pantip board. I didn’t wanna miss anything. Before I applied to KTH, I knew a little about living in Sweden, or in such very cold conditions. On weekend, I surveyed shops selling winter clothes in Pratunum area. I knew nothing about how to dress or what to wear under such harsh environment. A shopkeeper educated me what I needed to survive in that country. I asked for his name card and would be back to his shop later because I’d like to collect more information about all stuff that I need, compare the price and look around. When I arrived back home I onlined to talk to a person who had experiences about this and browsed through the Internet. As a result, I found that I need an overcoat, sweaters or jackets made from wool or duck down. Also, I can check in large department stores for the North Face brand. I can be  sure of that before I arrive in Sweden, I must spend a plenty of my money here because I need to buy a notebook, clothes, a rice cooker, a flight ticket, to name a few. (Note that for the rice cooker, a friend of mine in Stockholm said that it’s a must I needed to buy, I thought hmmm, what a paradox in this country! It’s a country with a lot of hi-tech stuff, but I need to buy a rice cooker, stressed that "a rick cooker" from Thailand. I knew later that rice cookers in Sweden are much more expensive and low quality.) However, I’m happy to do all of them.

2 responses to “A Journey to Sweden: Part 1”

  1. MiNT says :

    From my experience (in the US),
    Rice cooker at Sweden must be expensive because the shop have to order and import them from Thailand or China because noone in Sweden excepting Thai and Asia people does not need it.
    In the US, the Rice cooker is $100 ,therefore, I dont buy it but I wait someone who will come back to Thailand and ask them to sell it for me for me:).
    Good luck for your education
    N\’ MiNT

  2. Pasit says :

    Hey, you\’re leaving to Sweden ?
    Good god ! so be well prepared
    I can only suggest you on the clothing. Winter country always sell clothes for high price and the size seems not to fit us Thai people. Another thing is I suggest you visit your dentist here in Bkk. Dental charge aboard is darn expensive.
    By the way, when will you leaving ? This fall ? That\’s your great opportunity.

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