Getting different

Things start to get different at work. I really hope it is happening.

I still try to make it work better in the team. After having read a book, Elastic Leadership. Now I know better where my team is and where I want to lead my team to.

I had a good conversation with one of the Developers it helps to be a good listener, to be open to ideas, to not judge before trying the idea. And now I think it will work better.

I work more in my role and work more with people in other roles. Now it happens collaboration and “work together”.

I always like my team at the previous workplace and I give credits to my team lead. He made it work well for him and for the team. I’m doing the same. When it works well for the team it will work well for me.

Now I also demand more from my PO by telling him what I need and by doing that it also helps him to understand what he missed. It also helps him to feel that he does a good job instead of making him frustrated that he does a bad job.

I also let my ATL work more by letting him handle people outside the team. I have less to do and have more time to do my job

When I have ideas to try with the team, I lobby with them (PO + ATL) first so that I know I have their support which I usually get.

It doesn’t feel the same

A new challenge starts today and only requires 100,000 meters. But I don’t feel so sure.

First of all I feel tired, not motivated, lack of a focus on the challenge.

When I rowed today, I still thought about work, I wanted the session to finish. I looked at the monitor many times.

I know a distance of 100,000 meters, I can manage it with ease, but …

Let’s see how much I have in 30 days.

Great challenges

When hearing a word “great challenges” what is my feeling?

Deep in me I believe I can do it. I want to try. It challenges me. It won’t be easy. It may require hard work and time.

After all, I want to try if that is my limit.

Another week in telco branch

I started in telco branch 6 months ago. When a recruiter contacted me I clearly told her that I’m ready to go for the role but I think the role requires a background in telco which I don’t have. But if it’s not required I would like to try.

When I started I had less than two months to on board myself. The previous SA was leaving in two months. I had lots of questions to him and all individuals when I started to squeeze knowledge and digest information in a short time.

With hard work, my brain seemed to know when it’s time to connect the dots. Things fell into its place just when the previous SA left. I was on my own in meetings, answered questions concerning my team, delivered solutions started by the previous SA and shortly after delivered my very first solution.

As of today, at 6 months anniversary, I survive this new job and role now. I see connections, not only within my team but also between teams in the project. We are merging functions that help us to service both fixed and mobile network services to customers. And we are building the systems from the ground up.

I knew before I started what I’m capable of. But it would not be clear to people who don’t know me to see that without some evidences. This is what I need during next job interview. To learn myself a new subject and practice in a new role and skills.

I don’t master all skills required in my role yet but I am much better than when I started. Best things have yet to come and be humble with my achievements.

They are (not) my enemies

Right now, at this moment, they are my enemies. They are people whom I’m supposed to work with. We’re supposed to be a team and help our team to deliver. And I must not work alone. I must work with them and get them to work with me, to help me to reach my goal. But I’m still angry with them.

I write note to get words, thoughts and feeling out of my head. I was furious yesterday and still when thinking about it. Is it really them that I’m angry with?

What do I want from them?

First of all I don’t think they do their job. What are their jobs that they should do then?

It is their job to prioritize work not mine. It is also their job to plan resources. It is their job to organize the team and make sure the team can work effectively.

Do they know it? Can’t I tell them what I want them to do? If I’ve already told them do I need to mind if they do and when they do. Yes I do mind. Because when we’re late there will be a question towards all of us and I can’t just say I’ve done my part but they haven’t. And I don’t want to play a reminder role.

Ok. So what is left for me to do? Am I done with my tasks?

What left for me?

  • Walk through stories I wrote (I am blocked)
  • Find out in details how Scrive works (can do but I have other tasks with higher prio)
  • Finish solution for upcoming epics

Remember these!

  • Prioritize my work
  • Don’t do someone else’s job

Let it go

It has been up and down at work. Yesterday was a day to remember, I was deeply upset and angry till I shook. I thought it was so bad planning in the team and project. Giving away one’s responsibility to another person with an unplanned handover. And what I was upset with, I still needed to do someone’s else job.

So, yesterday I learned.

  • Anger doesn’t help my situation and it only worsen the situation I have.
  • Offer help to others if and only if I want and time permits.
  • It is not my fault when the project is late. It shouldn’t need me to work over time, straight from 8am to midnight with 1.5 hours pause for dinner with family and no time to accompany with my kids when they are awake.
  • Problems will keep coming, regardless how fast I remove them.
  • Prioritize my work, so I don’t worsen the situation both for me and others.
  • Make sure I finish my job in time.
  • 8 hours at work per day is the limit.
  • Plan my day and focus on my tasks.
  • Let others wait. If everything in project is urgent, then it’s a sign that the project is having problem.

This week at work

What I did well

  • Get a review on my solution. It was good discussions with a senior architect. He gave feedbacks and I had opportunity to learn from an experienced one.
  • Lead a discussion on automated test. Don’t judge anyone’s opinions. I listened and made sure that I understood correctly.
  • Book meetings with an agenda. What I wanted to achieve, what I would do in the meeting to achieve it. The agenda save me, when I don’t have time to prepare for the meeting, to stay focused and don’t get lost.

Some lessons learned

  • When asking for help,
    • state the help I want
    • Don’t go to others and ask for help without trying to do anything by myself first.
  • A mean to start a discussion
    • Prepare a couple of my own ideas and use them as a starting point for discussion
  • When in troubles or get irritated that people don’t do their work
    • Say to them politely what you want help with

Another reasons to exercise

Another reason that I exercise is to distract me from work. Otherwise I just work too much. It’s too much to do at work and it just eat up my private time.

Besides I feel I get a control over my life back. It’s totally under my control. I push me to do it for myself, no one else.

When I complete an exercise, it gives me satisfaction, achievement and a purpose in life.

An exercise is short therefore it provides quick feedbacks. And if I continue, I will see a result on a short and long term plan.

Therefore, I will continue to exercise. Especially under this circumstance when I get upset at work.

the toughest form of training

The most difficult form of training for me is by time. It is the worst of all kinds of trainings.

What do I mean by this?

When I row I can choose

  • Single distance
  • Single calories
  • Single time
  • Intervals

With distance when I row faster, the training finishes earlier. With calories if I row harder and faster, the training also finishes earlier.

Unlike time, regardless how I row, I finish at the same time. So I just need to be patient and keep working.

The same for time interval. It doesn’t matter how I train, it takes the same number of minutes to finish the training.

When I want to train for an hour, I choose to train on calories. I know how long it takes for me to burn 600 cal, it is about an hour or about 11000 meters. I don’t select 60 minutes or 1 hour. In fact, training for 60 minutes is better than an hour because it seems that my brain likes it better when it changes fast and not stand still for too long.

Perhaps I’m not so patient. When I start doing something I want to see the result. And I want it yield a result fast.

Training in a form of time is the toughest one. Apart from training your body, you train your mind to be patient, to work under a condition that sweat you out.

But a long training to give me more satisfaction when it’s done.

Dog days challenge is complete

I completed the dog days of summer challenge yesterday. Two days before the challenge ends.

Today I push myself to add 8000m to the total distance which makes I have completed each week with good marginal.

When it went well I should not hesitate to write about it. Because I really did good work on this and put effort and have discipline to follow the plan.