A short history of home Internet

Soon I’ll be working with fixed network transformation.

Lucky and funny enough I got this job without good knowledge in telecommunication.

Soon mobile network transformation is over, and fixed network transformation will start.

So far, I’m doing well at work and it is a reason why I have learned a lot.

I found this article and it gave me a very good overview and understanding different kinds of network access (fixed vs mobile) and a short history how home Internet has developed.


Now I’m well equipped with basic knowledge and ready for more technical knowledge how the network and equipments are installed so that there are home network access.

Why a PO role interests me


I look at a PO role for a while and try to understand why it strikes me.

Until today, I didn’t know. The more I read and try to understand my feeling the more I know myself.

I’m looking for a new challenge. I long for a moment that I call the greatest moment.

When I read PO job description, I don’t really feel that I’m qualified and it is an unknown area for me. That awakens my curiosity and defies me. I want to find my limit.

It’s like a song in Frozen II, into the unknown. There’s a voice calling me out there. I don’t know what it is and I want to find out.

That is exactly how I feel with the PO role. There are aspects that I have seen since I work with POs. But there are aspects that I haven’t seen and I don’t know all of what the POs do.

Should I like them? Yes but perhaps not all of them. But I like everything in my current role that I think my role should do. So, I might like everything that the PO role should do, too.

So a PO equals a new challenge equals the unknown.

AWS Cloud Architect Bootcamp

This is funny and it is like a test on me. I wrote about a birthday’s present to me that I bought an online course with lived sessions. The program is sending a new lesson every Tuesday for 12 weeks. This sounds great and it’s good with lived sessions so that I push myself to study.

However, I haven’t managed to do it live. The first week, it was on my birthday. So, I just had to skipped it and learn from a record video instead. The second week, my family is on vacation and the live sending time is the same time as our dinner. So, I have to skip it again.

I will find time to write about week 1, when I learned about security with IAM (Identity and Access Management).

At the moment (week 2) is about Automation and Development. I’m going to learn Boto3, an Python SDK for AWS.

A rewarding year at Telenor Sweden

Today (9 Mar) last year I started to work at Telenor Sweden. It was a REWARDING year.

I’ve learnt so much in a year: industry knowledge such as BSS, OSS, eSIM technology and its ecosystem, online retail business, software development with containers and kubernetes in Microservice architecture, agile team skills esp. inter-squad and team collaboration, DevOps and its culture, and the list goes on. On top of that, these learnings happened while we worked from home.

The most significant skill I learned was bridging the gap between business and IT. As we are transforming into a digital business, the solution architect role is one of the roles that is most fun to work with. It requires an in-depth knowledge in my own domain and a broad knowledge in other domains to implement business processes.

I also realize how much I enjoy working in a team, to discuss, build and deliver together. This is how we can achieve something that makes prominent impacts.

I’d like to thank my SA colleagues for constructive and fruitful discussions and endless efforts to create a solution to the problems. And my team for our contributions to every single functions and continual improvements in the devops journey.

Chinese Lessons 1-5

Introduce yourself and numbers 1-10 and 100

我 wo叫 jiao姓 xing好 hao几 ji
是 shi什么 shenme岁 sui多 duo大 da

我叫 Jay。我姓林。

一 二 三 四 五 六 七 八 九 十
十一 = 11
一百 = 100

Basic Chinese strokes

At this age I’m searching for tranquility for soul. I have found a way back to what I did when I was younger.

I’m always fascinated with Chinese characters. I used to take a class to learn to write Chinese characters.

I found many benefits of doing it. One is to meditate. I am calm and relaxing when I write. One is free art appreciation. It’s an art. To write beautiful strokes with a brush requires a hundred hours of practices. One is learning a language and helping to remember characters.

The first lesson begins with three basic strokes: a dot, a horizontal line and a vertical line.

Lesson 1: diǎn,héng,shù

Birthday gifts to me

Happy birthday in advance! Shēng  kuài !

Two things I start doing now to celebrate my birthday!

First, to keep myself up-to-date to new technology. 12 weeks in a bootcamp format. There are webinars delivered lived every Tuesday. A commitment here is to finish the course and complete all 54 projects.

Second, I start learning Chinese. I haven’t found a course or a platform that I can use to track my progress yet. I’ll do the same as when I learned Swedish by myself, reading children books. After 12 months, I should be able to be in the same level where I left off 15 years ago. That I can learn Chinese in Chinese.

Birthday’s wishes

What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while” – Gretchen Rubin

At my age I’m longing for the greatest moment. I want to be part and do something that is bigger than myself.

I’ve been thinking for years that I want to contribute to development of societies and pay it forward in child education.

My background is from IT and therefore I want to use it to help and improve quality of life by using it.

I want to increase IT literacy in low opportunity kids in suburb areas. With a wish that IT would give opportunities they lack due to economic conditions.

It’s education I want to contribute.

Another thing which is my own interest is IoT and smart cities. I want to level up quality of life with sustainable solution using technology.

At the moment, we are many new development going on in an area of IoT and many smart city projects.

The ideas and thoughts are around me but they require actions. To prove that they ignite energy in me then I must take actions and explore more.

This is how to grow from ideas to reality.

Åre trip 7-17 January 2021

Finally, holidays have begun. We extended it 3 days more.

Thursday 7: Joakim drove over 650 km alone. That is usual. He never complains or ask me to switch. Perhaps I should offer him a switch. He, of course, drives much better but I won’t get better in driving by letting him drive all the time.

The winter magic still does its tricks. The more north we get, the more white it becomes and the more snow we have. It’s magically beautiful.

The trip went well even though Sofia threw up in the car 5 minutes after we left the place for breakfast.

It’s already cold outside when we arrived. It’s winter!!!

Friday 8: I worked and the family almost stayed inside with me all the time due to -25 degrees outside. They went out after lunch but came back early after leaving. Sofia thought it was too cold.

I worked until 5pm, had hard time finished my work. This habit really needs to change.

Saturday 9: First day on skis. We drove to Rödkullen. Tilde and Joakim went away to ski on the mountain and woke up the muscles for skiing. I was unprepared and struggled to help my little one to ski. Luckily, I didn’t injure myself, just some strain on ankle and a bruise on Sofia’s butts. Yeah ski is a dangerous sport or anything is unsafe when you don’t have knowledge.

I studied how to learn kids to ski.

Sunday 10: Not like yesterday, I was prepared. We tried some tips I found on the Internet: pizza, French fried and air plane. It worked!!!

I was satisfied and gained confidence leaning Sofia. I also learned to be more comfortable on my skis.

Monday 11: Ski school started and adults went skiing. My first ski day on the trip. We went straight to Sadeln. I felt good on ski and the snow was very nice and easy to ski. It’s good to be able to start with some good feelings.

I set up a goal to perfect my parallel skis on this trip to feel confident to go skiing with Tilde later on.

Sofia wasn’t so happy on her first day, she wanted to be with us more than her new teacher and friends. It was like a schooling to a new school.

I spent the afternoon with Sofia but she wasn’t so motivated to practice. We did a short practice then straight to the swing.

Friday 15: Last day in ski school for kids. Sofia becomes even more obvious in the morning that she didn’t want to do skiing but to the swing. It seems she knows what she must do, which is to be in the ski school. When she’s there, she has fun and can do what they learn her. When we left I saw she found a spot for herself and moved herself to join the group.

Saturday 16: Everything will come to an end. We’ve decided to leave early in the evening and headed back to Stockholm so that everyone has Sunday to prepare for a new coming week.

It didn’t feel good for me to be on skis to day, I had a problem with my feet and the boots do I came back and I saw Sofia did it just fine. A lift (a big lift as we called it) was pulling her all the way up the hill. She could do it yet refused to do it with us and after the school, like, she has put her effort and now she’s done.

Since it’s the last day, she has been a good girl and did well in school so we let her do what she wanted and we had promised her. In the afternoon, we went swinging. Tilde and Joakim went on Sadeln. I saw the video when they came back. They went on the red slopes. Tilde made it all the way down. It looks simple for her as I used to see other kids did. Second surprise, Joakim managed to film it.

For me, since it felt good in the morning after I came back from Sadeln, so I did the last skiing before the lifts were closed and I felt but I was satisfied with my performance. I’m better and I tried new stuff how to position my skis.

We can always change it

It doesn’t matter in which situation you are, you can always change it.

You can change your attitude on the situation you are in.

Then you can change your action, to change the situation.

If it’s difficult to change your attitude, you can say it out loud or write your thought down then read it out loud to yourself.

Let me give you an example.

On my holidays, I blamed myself for not having a goal and not making much of of the holidays which I was aware that this was ruining my holidays.

So, I let that thought go and refocus myself. I do have a goal when I said previously it was because I was overwhelmed with some disappointment happening during the day.

So refocus, change your thoughts and actions.

Wish all happy holidays!!!